Hardicrete™ was certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) in 1986 as a surface course to withstand intense traffic loadings and fuel/leachate contamination. Grout manufacture and product installation is regularly audited by the BBA to monitor and improve performance and quality.

This superior reinforced surfacing material is a hybrid between asphalt and concrete. It provides high strength combined with flexibility, consisting of a 40mm depth of open graded receiving course with a controlled void content, which is subsequently filled with a resin cementitious grout. The installation of the surface course and grouting is carried out by Miles Macadam’s own operatives.

The unique process enables a jointless surfacing solution to be put forward, and its speed of installation and short curing time allow maintenance and new build projects to be completed with minimal downtime. Hardicrete is resistant to most fuels, oils and chemicals and has a high tolerance to deformation, heat and abrasion.

This flagship product has been used extensively throughout the UK on bus stations, waste sites and transfer stations, ports, airfields and industrial facilities since its conception in 1975.

Hardicrete can be coloured to give a long-term aesthetic surface course, capable of withstanding the harshest of environments with a warranty of 3 to 5 years based on site conditions.