Milepave™ is a BBA / HAPAS certified Asphalt Grouted surface course, it is the only available Grouted Macadam (along with our Hardipave™) that has HAPAS Approval. It is unique as it incorporates and connects three distinct categories of Road Surface Treatment. Combining the attributes of Microasphalt and Slurry Sealing with conventional surfacing techniques, the positive properties of all can be utilised. The material is ideally suited to the resurfacing of flexible or concrete rural and urban highways.

Milepave consists of a hot, paver laid, open graded design mix surface course, generally laid between 30mm and 50mm, which is sealed and reinforced with an asphaltic grout manufactured by Miles Macadam.

Milepave offers the client an opportunity to resurface and reprofile with a high strength material that is sealed fully against water ingress and has inherent flexibility to combat underlying movement. This proves advantageous for the protection of the existing substrate that may have been weakened through weather damage.

Secondary sealing of the surface course also prevents fretting, reduces the speed of oxidation and reinforces surface strength.

Concrete Carriageways

Milepave is a popular choice for overlaying concrete carriageways as it is sealed against water ingress thereby preventing further erosion of the support layer beneath the concrete.   In addition, Miles Macadam offer a joint treatment service before and after surfacing as part of the process, with yearly inspections of the joints within the warranty period.

All works are warranted for three years on flexible carriageways and five years on concrete.

Reduced Carbon

Milepave™ is a reduced carbon surfacing process using less resources, lower mixing temperatures, lower energy resources and a lower bitumen content than conventional asphalt surfacing materials. Miles Macadam’s ability to deliver a carbon neutral surfacing scheme ensures that no Indirect Emissions are attributable to a Local Authority, supporting any carbon or net zero targets.