Carriageway Surfacing

MILEPAVE™ is an Asphalt Grouted Macadam Surface Course. It is unique as it incorporates and connects two distinct categories of road surface treatment. Combining the attributes of Micro asphalt or Slurry Surfacing with Conventional Surfacing, the postive properties of each can be utilised.

For over 20 years, Miles Macadam has supplied Milepave™ for rural and urban carriageways. Milepave has a number of unique properties that ensure long term successful treatment.

• High Strength
• Flexibility
• Impervious

Milepave™ offers the client an opportunity to resurface and regulate with a low noise surface course that is sealed against water ingress.

The matrix ensures high strength combined with flexibility to combat underlying ground movement. Secondary sealing of the surface course prevents fretting, reduces the speed of oxidation and reinforces surface strength characteristics.

Milepave™ can be laid at 30mm or 40mm.

Miles Macadam has an extensive client base nationwide and an enviable well proven track record in delivering surfacing solutions.