Resurfacing Concrete Carriageways

MILEPAVE™ is an Asphalt Grouted Macadam Surface Course. It is unique as it incorporates and connects two distinct categories of road surface treatment. Combining the attributes of Micro-asphalt or Slurry Surfacing with Conventional Surfacing, the positive properties of each can be utilised.

For over 20 years, Miles Macadam has installed a system for resurfacing concrete roadways. MILEPAVE™ has a number of unique properties that ensure long term successful treatment.

  • Impervious
  • High Strength
  • Flexibility

Pre-treatment of the concrete joints seals the surface against water ingress and counters thermal movement and the post treatment of the movement joints encourages reflective cracking to come through pre-induced routes to maintain surface integrity.

Miles Macadam has an extensive client base utilising this service and a long and established track record.